Your First Blend...

1. Charge your Blendle before first use.
2. Ensure the arrows on the rear of the jar and base are closely aligned.
3. Clean your Blendle prior to first use: add water, a drop of soap, blend and rinse. (Deep clean as needed - see "Cleaning" section for details.)
4. Add liquid first, then throw in your solids. Leave a little room at the top.
5. Tighten the lid and press the power button to blend for one 30-second cycle. Repeat as needed for thicker blends.
6. Enjoy your blended creation and clean immediately after each use.

How to Charge

1. Connect the USB charging station to a power bank, outlet, laptop, or a cellphone.
2. Align the three magnets on the charger with the three magnets on the base of the blender.
3. For optimum use, charge for at least 3 hours depending on the power source.
4. The charger light will flash while charging and will stop once fully charged.
5. One full charge lasts for up to 15 blends but less if you are using ingredients such as peanut butter or nuts. Keep in mind that blending ice and frozen fruit will drain the blender battery faster.

How to Blend

1. Align the dot on the blender with the dots on the blender base. The blender will not operate if the dots are not aligned.
2. Press the ON power button at the bottom of the blender base TWICE to start.
3. Tilt the bottle for an even blend.
4. The Blendle will automatically shut off after 30 seconds.
5. Repeat the blend for a smoother consistency.
6. Your smoothie is ready.

How to Clean

Always clean your Blendle immediately after each use to prevent food from drying and sticking to the blades. Your Blendle is water-resistant, so it’s okay if the USB port gets wet, but never put your Blendle—including the base, jar and lid—in the dishwasher, or submerge it entirely under water.

Fill the jar about 2/3 full with warm (not hot) water, add a drop of dish soap and blend for one full cycle until your Blendle automatically stops. Pour out liquid and rinse with clean water.


1. The power button will flash red if there is something stuck under the blade. Unscrew the base and clean under the blades to resolve the issue.
2. The power button will flash red if the blender is running out of charge. Charge the blender using the USB charging station to continue using the blender.
3. The power button will flash red if the bottle and the base are not properly aligned. Please make sure the bottle and base are correctly aligned before use.

Still got questions?

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